Katayif stuffed Walnuts, 12 or 24 pics

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Katayef/Atayif or Qatayef bil Joz; handmade, all natural from scratch Kataif are a must try!! Crushed, sugary walnuts are stuffed inside these succulent, syrupy Katayif. You have the choice to pick either 12 or 24 pieces with either baked or fried as a choice to your liking. Perfect for Ramadan dessert table, to share and indulge!

- Homemade style syrup & minced Turkish pistachios are sent on the side to ensure freshness. You can control the level of sweetness to your liking as well.

- 12 pcs tray weighs around 1.2 LBS

- 24 pcs tray weighs around 2.4 LBS

**Each piece is around 5" in diameter, weighing around 65g.


Upon receipt, place the Katayif tray in the refrigerator, you can warm before serving, preferably in an oven or a microwave for 10-15 seconds. Do not freeze. Katayif keep up to 10 days refrigerated, 3 days in a room temperature- at a minimum of 75F.


Our products contain or may contain the following products: peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy, milk, or tree nuts. Please do not purchase or be around our products if you may have any allergies to food based products.