Figs Petit Fours, 12-Pieces

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Gourmet bite-size, classic Petit Fours filled with homemade figs jam then dipped with minced Turkish pistachios adding a complimentary taste to Middle Eastern pastries.

These are great to share! Impress your guests with luxurious gourmet petit fours. Luscious little petit fours come in a tray for convenient giving with 12 pieces weighing around 16 oz per tray. Pick a round shaped or floral shaped petit fours and indulge with the great aromatic taste!


Organic egg, confectioner sugar, flour, unsalted butter, Turkish figs and organic vanilla.


Upon receipt, you may keep the fig petit fours in the container however, place in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator; do not freeze. Fig Petit Fours keep up to 25 days refrigerated or 2 weeks at room temperature.


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