Pistachios Burma, 12 or 24 Pieces

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Ooey-gooey Burma Pistachio made with shredded phyllo dough, rolled on a mountain of chunky Turkish pistachios and finished with handmade- no fillers- honey-scented syrup.

Enjoy Burma in both fillings; Pistachios or Cashews, the main pictures features the pistachios filling. Choose either a half tray with 12 pieces, or a full tray with 24 pieces.


Shredded phyllo dough, pure ghee, handmade honey-scented syrup, chunks of hand-crushed pistachios or hand-crushed cashews.

Use & Care

Upon receipt, remove Burma from the shipping container, you may want to keep pieces in tray each with its baking cup since it is soaked with syrup. Place tray in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator; do not freeze. Baklava keep up to 45 days refrigerated or 4 weeks at room temperature.