Brown-Kraft Authentic Pistachio Baklava Box,12-Pieces

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Delicate layers of buttery phyllo dough filled with premium Turkish pistachios then topped in homemade scented orange-blossom syrup to add that divine sweetness that you will taste with each bite. It's addicting!

This artisanal baklava comes with a hint of ground pistachio on top, as a garnish, which adds extra flavor. Our handcrafted baklava is baked with the pride of generation old recipe. It comes in a 10X7 inches box with a clear window to view the inside of the box including 12 pieces of baklava total. We ship, free of charge, to all US customers. Expect freshness, crispiness and addicting taste to these fresh, made-to-order baklava.


Upon receipt, remove baklava from the shipping container and place in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator; do not freeze. Baklava keep up to 45 days refrigerated or 4 weeks at room temperature.


Our products contain or may contain the following products: peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy, milk, or tree nuts. Please do not purchase or be around our products if you may have any allergies to food based products.