Ma'amoul Chocolate Truffles Chocolate Truffle, 12-Pieces

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Ma'amoul Truffles are shortbread truffles made with awesome ingredients like Ghirardelli chocolate, premium unsalted butter with Ghirardelli dark chocolate garnish on top. These will make a great dessert to share.

These are our newest edition and are rich, smooth and made with finest ingredients.


Unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, ghirardelli milk chocolate, and ghirardelli dark chocolate.

** Please do not order UNLESS the weather is 72F and below. In other words, we do not guarantee that these truffles will be delivered as pictured if the weather forecast is 72F & hotter.


Upon receipt, tand the kraft box out from the shipping container and place in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator. You may refrigerate, however do not freeze. Ma'amoul chocolate truffles keep up to 15 days refrigerated or 5 days in a room temperature.


Our products contain or may contain the following products: peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy, milk, or tree nuts. Please do not purchase or be around our products if you may have any allergies to food based products.