It all started with a passion to create America's best Middle Eastern pastries!

Welcome to the pleasure of old, yet authentic pastries and the ultimate Arabic Sweets offerings. Our signature creations are the refined result of over 25 years of passion in baking and creating traditional with a unique touch pastries. Arabic Sweets pastry line is ALL hand-crafted, in a health-department, grade A, approved kitchen.
Discover our most popular products like our Baklava trays in different sizes, for thank-you gifts, anniversary gifts, holiday gifts and many other occasions. Whether you choose to custom gift or stock products, our delicious treats are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's’ face. Share a new taste to Middle Eastern pastries with a modern twist.
Arabic Sweets chefs have decided to share their recipes and vision with you through their desserts. That is by focusing on your satisfaction, remaining true to our heritage, and upholding our heart-made nature. We dedicate time to create each product, made fresh to order, and ensure the finest and best ingredients are used to produce a handmade artistry.
We emphasis on uniqueness and consistency in each creation we make. Our passion combined with the desire to satisfy your cravings are always envisioned while baking your request. Arabic Sweets tells a tale of heritage and exclusivity. 

If you have any special request or craving a certain Middle Eastern pastry that you don't see in our listings, please feel free to call or email us at +1 (909) 285 4828  or We will try our very best to take care of any special requests.